Words to Live By

Leviticus 19:33-34; Colossians 3:12-13; Proverbs 21:21

In years gone by, it was fashionable for every company, organization and institution to craft a Mission Statement. Not long thereafter, motivational and spiritual leaders encouraged individuals to develop a Personal Mission Statement. I have shared mine before (the Inclusivity Musing): “To live in the presence of God, here and in the next life, and to hold the door open for as many people as possible.”

After a time, the experts determined organizations also needed a Vision Statement to articulate the organization’s aspirational goals. I don’t recall the Vision Statements concept being extended to individuals suggesting a need to develop Personal Vision Statement so I never contemplated what mine would be.

However, in a moment of lucidity, while drafting a book manuscript some years ago, I stumbled into the following, which has guided my steps since. “Being dismissive of someone for whom Jesus died seems like a bad strategy. In that I am uncertain about precisely who Jesus died for, I am committed to being kind to everyone I encounter.” In revisiting that statement this week, I realize it is indeed my Personal Vision Statement. Read the definition above again – the Vision Statement is aspirational. I am nowhere near accomplishing my PVS, yet I aspire to it all the same.

What is your Personal Mission Statement? What it your Personal Vision Statement? Do you live them out daily?

Lord, instill in me a kind heart,