2 Timothy 2:15

As I entered the magnificent Lanier Theological Library one day, I was stopped in my tracks by this scripture which is carved in the face of a large stone adjacent to the library’s entrance. I was so taken by its message that a photo of the stone has since appeared as the banner on my McBurnett’s Musings blogsite.

As you know, I take scripture study very seriously and constantly look for applications of it in my day to day of life.  I am suddenly struck by the deficiency of having presented the stone prominently and never writing about it, so here we go.

Be diligent – Diligence.  Something done with intentionality driving towards a predetermined result. Not something undertaken lightly.

To present yourself – These endeavors are not about God calling you to obedience, but rather living your life in a manner that enables you to take the initiative and present yourself to your Creator.

Approved to God as a workman – Here again, further affirmation this is something you work at, not a dalliance of convenience.  You engage in the work as a workman, not as a casual participant. Also, the term workman invokes a sense of a craft to be pursued and perfected.

Who does not need to be ashamed ­ – You are called to be a witness for Christ, and not to be ashamed.  Your workmanship should sculpt you into a confident ambassador for Jesus.  When you are diligent and commit to Christian workmanship, you will stand before God on That Day without shame.

Accurately handling the word of truth – Accurate.  Correct and precise.  No one, even my beloved N. T. Wright, will tell you they have complete command of the scriptures.  While God’s Word is timeless and unchanging, it is evergreen and open to rediscovery by each generation in the context of the time and culture of the current state of the world.  Accurate handling calls for constant wrestling with the Word individually and in concert with other disciples.

Aspiring to fulfill my calling in the context of this scripture,

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