1 Samuel 17:12-20; Luke 1:26-30; Jeremiah 29: 8, 11-13

A while back, I wrote about the dreams I had for my children’s futures (Parenthood, a Model). In that Musing, I expressed my unbounded gratitude that neither of them fulfilled those dreams. They dreamed their own dreams and God has each of them on an amazing journey far beyond my imagination.

But recently I looked in the mirror (or more accurately I looked in the rearview mirror) at my own dreams.

As I was rapidly approaching college graduation, my mind was filled with fantasies of what might lie ahead in my career, what heights I might attain. I had no idea what God had in store for me. As I have said many times to many people, if someone had guaranteed me I would hold any one of the four amazing roles I had over the course of my career, I would have said in pure disbelief, “Sign me up right now.”

During church stewardship campaigns, I frequently hear, “You can’t out give God.” Well, I’m here to proclaim, “You can’t out dream God.” If you think you can, your God is not only too small, so is your dream.

My toe is tapping and my head is humming as two lyrics play in my head – both from Casting Crowns.

The first is Somewhere in the Middle. In this song, the lyricist speaks of his ongoing vacillation between boldness and timidity. Boy, can I relate! I write about being bold for Christ, living out your faith, doing over believing, but rarely am I a model for any of those. Here is one of many lines from the song that exposes me: “But will we trade our dreams for his or are we caught in the middle?1 ” I don’t know about you, but I am definitely caught in the middle.

And while I cower from that one, I am immediately transported to one of their concerts I attended some years ago. It was their Thrive tour. I already had several favorite songs from the album when I got there, and then they played one I had missed and I was momentarily swept away.

The song is Dream for You. In this song, God sings in first person. He sings to young David and then to Virgin Mary, but actually he is singing to me… and to you. Here is the chorus:

So come on, let Me dream, let Me dream for you.

I am strong when you’re weak and I’ll carry you.

So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand.

I’ll show you what I can do.

When I dream for you,

I have a dream for you. 2

Kid DreamingI am so wedded to my dreams and determined to see them through. I won’t let go of my plan in order to give his plan a chance. But God is a persistent God. On more than one occasion as I was striding along my career plan path, he intervened and pried my dream out of my hands. You see, he had a dream for me, one beyond my wildest imagination. I shudder to think what other amazing adventures awaited me had I not wasted so much time pursuing my dream.

Don’t miss the last line of Dream for You, because he does indeed have a dream for you!

As we launch into a new year of promises and opportunity, take time to listen for God’s dream for you. I guarantee you it is better than the one you have for yourself.

Living his dream in spite of my resistance,



1 Casting Crowns. “Somewhere in the Middle.” By Mark Hall. The Altar and the Door, Beach Street Records, 2007. LP.

2 Casting Crowns. “Dream for You.” By Mark Hall and Matthew West. Thrive, Provident Label Group, LLC, 2014. LP.