2 Corinthians 12:1-4; John 14:1-3; Ephesians 3:13-19

I have a curiosity about what lies on the other side of the veil, and I’ve long been intrigued with stories of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) . I don’t invest a lot of time trying to reason out life beyond this world because I believe the ability to grasp its enormity is beyond our capacity, but I’ve just had a brush with it and I need – must – share it with you here.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in the Musing that my sister-in-law had just received news that her cancer had returned, although we had no idea how aggressive it would be. In six short weeks, she was gone.

Five days before she died, I was visiting her in the ICU and she shared a dream she had the night before. Now, it was difficult to get the whole story because of the breathing mask she required. I likened it to having a cell phone conversation that kept breaking up. I missed critical phrases from time to time.

In her dream, she was still in the hospital room, but it had been transformed. It glowed bright pink, and there were others in the room. She suddenly sensed she was already dead. Her description was a nightmare of the highest order.

Three days later, we spent the morning with her, still in ICU, still using the mask to breathe, and was unconscious all morning. Midway through the morning, we were joined by another couple – close family – who had been out of town. They had many questions about how things had progressed so rapidly . During the course of the conversation, my brother-in-law said, “Robert, tell them about the dream,” and I relayed it to them as I understood it.

Several hours later, the medical staff suggested there were no indications her condition would change any time soon and we could all use some rest and we should take a break. Each of us took a turn holding her hand an expressing our love for her. My wife was the last in line and as she was speaking words of peace and love, her sister woke up. She proceeded to clarify several things that we had said during the morning and then said, “I need to talk to Robert privately.”

She was still speaking through the mask, but was insistent in clarifying my understanding of the dream. See, I had it wrong, at least in part. It seems that the room did indeed glow hot pink and had the aura of Hell, but then she described how it changed (which I had missed in the first telling) and then gave me two emphatic charges:

It’s beautiful. Tell them it’s beautiful!


Tell everybody I love them!

I have three takeaways from this mind-expanding experience:

  • When someone is in this physical state, they often hear what is said in their presence and are aware of what is going on around them. I take comfort knowing our conversations that morning were an outpouring of love for her.
  • She didn’t have a dream, she had an NDE. She pierced the veil, got a good sense of the other side and returned.
  • I take her charges to me very seriously. I’m telling everyone.

This was the last time she spoke to any of us. I still return to that moment in time and find great assurance in knowing I am loved and I am reinvigorated assured Jesus went to prepare a place for me. After all, she confirmed it is indeed beautiful.

In case you didn’t get it the first time through, she loves us all, and It’s beautiful!!
Following orders – telling the world,