Job 37:21-38:1; Acts 2:1-12

Insurance sign 2

When I worked in Finance and Accounting, I reviewed many an insurance policy. This morning I am finding great humor in two aspects of insurance.

For starters, I’m thinking about the word “insurance.” What does an insurance policy insure? It definitely doesn’t insure the events it covers won’t occur, nor does it insure they will. Insurance neither insures something will or won’t occur. (Although a former boss of mine was convinced it did. On several occasions, he expressed his opinion that taking out a policy against a potential event was acknowledging it would occur. The message being “If we don’t acknowledge the potential of it happening, it won’t.”)

I chuckle.

What really got me going, though, was contemplating the routine exclusion in business insurance policies for “acts of God.” By excluding “acts of God,” the insurance company excuses itself from paying when damages are caused by so-called acts of God, which in most cases describe natural disasters.

Now, I remind you I was the administrative officer for a large church for awhile, and from time to time reviewed insurance coverage during my tenure. I have no recollection whether those policies included the exclusions for damages related to acts of God. Since I don’t remember one way or the other, I imagine they did as I generally expected to see them in insurance policies of the day.

I am amused this morning at the thought that insurance for a church, of all places, would exclude “acts of God.”

I stopped chuckling, however, when I reflected on how rarely I expect God to show up, let alone act, in a worship service. My experience is God is much more likely to show up in situations away from the church proper. This is not to say I don’t feel his presence when I worship, because I often do. Maybe it’s because we have made worship about us rather than its intended purpose – to bring praise to him.

Chagrined at the current state of church affairs,